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  • Lauren & Kieran Higham win 2015 Cycling UK Tourist Competition Junior Female & Junior Male with Jasper & Harvey Spicer in 2nd place
  • Stevenage CTC take silver in the Cycling UK 2015 Tourist Competition
  • Entry the Emitremmus - 30 October 2016 - Emit online entry
  • Jackie Cooper wins CTC Volunteer of the Year for the East of England at CTC Awards Dinner!
  • Stevenage CTC were CTC Voluntary Group of the Year 2013
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Next Ride:
Date: Wed 26-Oct
Time: 19:15
Grade: D
Leader: Jackie Cooper
Start: Old Town
Stop: Autumn Amble
Info: Lights and warm clothing essential

Next Event:
Date: Sun 30-Oct
Event: Emitremmus Desrever
10:00 - 101KM - £9.00

Event: Emitremmus Lite
10:30 - 67KM - £9.00
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Emitremmus Desrever
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Welcome to our website

Stevenage and North Herts CTC is a local cycling club based in the north of Hertfordshire. We organise weekly rides ranging from introductory distances of 5 miles all the way up to endurance rides of over 100 miles.

So whether you are new and looking to start with a few leisurely rides or a keen cyclist looking for a challenge, hopefully our cycling club will have the right rides for you. Why not check out our latest Rides List here.

CTC Voluntary Group of the Year 2013
Finalists Comet Sports Awards Club of the Year 2013
Runners up Herts Sports Partnership Community Club of the Year 2012
Silver in the Cycling UK 2015 Tourist Competition
Latest News
Posted On: Mon 24-Oct 2016
By: Tina Walker
November/December rides now online

Would all ride leaders please check that all rides are correct.


The postal lists will go out shortly.
Posted On: Sat 15-Oct 2016
By: Tina Walker
Emitremmus - Check if your name is on the list!

We have just posted the lists produced by the organisers on 18 October.

There will be more updates to follow.

The mass mailing to all entrants will be done on Saturday 22nd October evening so envelopes containing ride information should start arriving on Wednesday 26th.

The bike numbers and brevet cards will be given out on the day.

Brevet cards will be in last name alphabetical order.
Posted On: Mon 03-Oct 2016
By: Tina Walker
Emitremmus Page updated with more 2016 details

Lots of new information up today - please take a look.
Posted On: Wed 17-Aug 2016
By: Tina Walker
Would anyone like to help?

Dear Stevenage & North Herts CTC,

We are researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, Department of Urology and we're writing in hope that you and your club members can help us with some important research in men and women's sexual wellness and urologic conditions. The impact of different forms of exercise on sexual wellness is not well understood and deserves more study. We hope that you and your members agree.

We would like to ask you to send out this brief survey to your club members aimed at assessing exercise type and frequency with different urologic conditions. The survey is short, it should take no more than 7 minutes to complete, it is completely anonymous and all data is kept securely.

Here's is the link:
With your help, we hope to uncover new connections between exercise and men and women's health, aid our patients and better inform the public about ways to improve their health.

Thank you so much for your time and participation. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Five randomly selected participants will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card after completing the survey!

Thomas Gaither, MD/MAS (c)
Research Assistant
Department of Urology
University of California, San Francisco
e-mail: tom.gaither@ucsf.edu
tel: 312-632-9787

Benjamin N. Breyer MD, MAS, FACS
Associate Professor in Residence
Department of Urology and Epidemiology and Biostatistics (affiliate)
University of California, San Francisco

Chief of Urology, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital
Director, UCSF Male Genitourinary Reconstruction and Trauma Surgery Fellowship
Posted On: Mon 29-Feb 2016
By: Tina Walker
Our Rides

These notes were discussed at length at the recent rides meeting. This will give you an idea of what our rides are intended to be and and how we expect riders to behave while riding with us.

If you are not sure of the speed/distance of a ride please give the leader a call.

All rides to leave 10 minutes after the scheduled meeting time.

Saturday Starter

These rides have always been planned to be gentle rides that are suitable for non-regular cyclists, families and children.

  • Allow 40 minutes for the café break

  • Preferred distance 10 – 15 miles

  • Regular re-groups to be included in the ride.

  • 8-10 mph average

Wednesday Evening

These evening rides have always been planned to be easy rides that are suitable for occasional and returning cyclists, teenage children as well as regular cyclists.

  • Allow 30 minutes for a stop at a pub or similar.

  • Preferred distance 17 – 18 miles.

  • Occasional re-groups to be included in the ride. Usually on hill tops!

  • 10mph average (excluding winter rides)

  • Aim to be back at 10pm

Friday Evening

The Friday evening rides developed as a logical development of the Wednesday rides. They are longer, up to 30 miles.

  • Allow 30 minutes for a stop at a pub or similar.

  • Preferred distance 20 – 28 miles.

  • Occasional re-groups to be included in the ride as required.

  • 12mph average (excluding winter rides)

  • Aim to be back before 10:30pm


  • Please don’t ride in front of the leader or try to push the speed of the ride up. Our leaders are volunteers – help them to enjoy their ride too!

  • On hills – riding at your own pace is fine – but please find a safe space to regroup at the top – do not ride to the next junction to wait – this is unfair on those that may be struggling at the back

  • Do not ride more than 2 abreast

  • Please pass messages up or down the line eg Car front, Car back, pothole etc

  • Please follow the instruction of ride leader or sweeper.

  • If you notice a gap forming behind you please pass a message to the front to slow down. In the dark people who don’t know their way panic if they cannot see a rider in front of them

If riders persist in ‘bad behaviour’ they will be asked to leave the ride and ultimately be banned from all rides.