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  • Jackie Cooper wins CTC Volunteer of the Year for the East of England at CTC Awards Dinner!
  • Lauren and Kieran Higham win 1st Junior Girl and Junior Boy in Tourist Competition at National Awards Dinner!
  • Stevenage CTC were CTC Voluntary Group of the Year 2013
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Next Ride:
Date: Sun 01-Feb
Time: 09:30
Grade: B
Leader: Loyd Davies
Start: Old Town
Elevenses: Buntingford
Lunch: Great Amwell Garden Centre

Next Event:
Date: Sun 29-Mar
Event: Stevenage Start of Summertime Specials
08:15 - 210KM - 8.00 - Enter Online

Event: Stevenage Start of Summertime Specials
10:30 - 115KM - 7.00 - Enter Online

Event: Stevenage Start of Summertime Specials
11:00 - 60KM - 6.00 - Enter Online

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Stevenage Start of Summertime Specials
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Welcome to our website

Stevenage and North Herts CTC is a local cycling club based in the north of Hertfordshire. We organise weekly rides ranging from introductory distances of 5 miles all the way up to endurance rides of over 100 miles.

So whether you are new and looking to start with a few leisurely rides or a keen cyclist looking for a challenge, hopefully our cycling club will have the right rides for you. Why not check out our latest Rides List here.

CTC Voluntary Group of the Year 2013
Finalists Comet Sports Awards Club of the Year 2013
Runners up Herts Sports Partnership Community Club of the Year 2012
Latest News
Posted On: Tue 13-Jan 2015
By: Tina Walker
Ride Meet/Start Times

After some discussion at last night's meeting we have agreed to a fixed start time Ten Minutes after the published meeting time.

So for example the Wednesday evening rides will depart at 19:25 promptly.

There may be times when this is not possible for example when dealing with a puncture.
Posted On: Sun 04-Jan 2015
By: Daniel
Blazing Saddles - Dec 2014

The Blazing Saddles competition restarted in December for the 2014-2015 year and now we've reached January we can let you all know who is in the lead after the first month!

Dave Hall is our leading the gents competition with 12 points after 9 rides. Stephen Morris is in second place with 11 points and Paul Boielle is in third with 10 points.

In the ladies, Jill Borcherds has the lead with 11 points after 8 rides with Lynn Bonnici and Elaine Walker currently joint second with 5 points.

There is currently a three way tie in the juniors competition with Lauren Higham, Robert Dixon and Zoe Nuttall all on 2 points after 2 rides. It will definitely be interesting to see how long this sticks.

For the full list of riders and points, please check out the December results below:

December 2014
Posted On: Sun 07-Dec 2014
By: Daniel
Blazing Saddles - 2014 Results!

It's the end of the Blazing Saddles for November and for 2014! The final points have been totalled up and we can reveal who the winners are of each category. A big thank you to Alan Baxter for being the registration officer and collecting and collating all the riders for each event.

Alan Baxter is our winning gentleman with a whopping 236 points! Second place, Jim Brown finished 30 points behind on 206 and Robert Finney ended up in third with 117.

In the ladies, Jackie Cooper took the lead in the last month to take home the ladies trophy with 106 points! Lynn Bonnici finished in second with 103 points and Jill Borcherds finished third with 82.

Lauren Higham is champion of the junior competition for another year with 41 points! Younger brother Kieran held onto second place and finished the year with 34. Zoe Nuttall ended the year with 30 points putting her in third place.

For the full list of riders and points, please check out the 2014 results below.

2014 Results

A big thank you to Alan Baxter for being the registration officer and collecting and collating all the riders for each ride over the last several years. The baton has now been passed to Jill Borcherds and Loyd Davies who will be managing the Blazing Saddles for the 2014-15 year.
Posted On: Fri 28-Nov 2014
By: Daniel
Emitremmus the Movie!

To celebrate the 20th Emitremmus event this year, We asked RewindMedia to come along to the event and record what goes on. They captured loads of great footage and a big thank you to everyone who was interviewed.

We are happy to announce that Emitremmus the Movie is now live!

Posted On: Sat 08-Nov 2014
By: Daniel
Bike Thefts! Be careful.

In the last 2 months there have been several bike thefts in Stevenage with bikes being taken from peoples back gardens and sheds in the early hours of the morning. These criminals seem to be targeting those who have side or back gates and will even go as far as taking the door off a shed to get to the bikes.

We recommend that you keep your bikes locked up securely on your property. If you have a side or back gate make sure they are bolted and padlocked and if you have an outside storeroom or shed, make sure this is locked as well.

If you leave your bike outside, It is recommended that you lock your bike to something that is hard to move and if you have more than one bike outside, lock them together as that will make it harder for them to be stolen.

You can read up more on Cycle Safety and Security by visiting the Herts Police website.

The following leaflet on Cycle Safety also has a section you can print off and fill in details about your bike and attach a picture so in case it is ever stolen you can present the information to the police so they can help to find your bike.