Ride Makers

Stevenage and North Herts CTC has a wide range of ride makers, men and women, experienced and less experienced.

Each of our active ride makers can be found below with some contact details for each of them. All of them want to pass on their knowledge and experiences on the road. We pride ourselves in being a welcoming group so please, make yourself known to the people below and ask any questions you might have. If they do not know the answer, chances are they know who does.

The Team

Alan Baxter

Role: Ride Leader
T: 0791 007 6236

Ben (Olu) Ademola

Role: Ride Leader

Bill Hayes

T: 07860 910414

Daniel Mann

Role: Website Manager
E: Dan.mann_1@outlook.com

Dave Hall

Role: Ride leader
T: 07771738962

Gary Spicer

Role: Secretary
T: 07825 814750

Jackie Cooper

Role: Social Sec, Ride Leader
T: 07850 428856

Jason Morris

Role: Ride Leader
E: jason.casotti@gmail.com


Role: Ride Leader
T: 07816625901

Jim Borcherds

Role: Ride Leader
T: 07974576663
E: jhborcherds@btinternet.com

Jim Brown

Role: Publicity
T: 0793 968 7509
E: jim@stevenagectc.org.uk

John Crouch

Role: Photographer
T: 07747044536
E: Jkcrouch@virginmedia.com

Loyd Davies

Role: Ride Leader
T: 07921 002224
E: Loyd_davies@yahoo.co.uk

Nicola Morris

Role: Welfare Officer
T: 07916438610
E: nl.morris@ntlworld.com

Paul Boielle

Role: Treasurer
T: 01438 356584

Paul Hill

Role: Sweeper
T: 01438 238728
E: hillpa@ntlworld.com

Penny Schenkel

Role: Website Manager
T: 07787 816434
E: pennyschenkel@gmail.com

Pete Woolmer

Role: Ride Leader
T: 01462637718
E: p.woolmer@ntlworld.com

Robert Finney

Role: Ride Leader
T: 01438 214913

Steve Hawes

Role: Ride leader

Steve Little

Role: Ride Leader
T: 07735378221
E: s.little77@btinternet.com

Tim Swinburn

Role: Ride Leader
E: tim.swinburn@gmail.com

Tina Saunders

Role: Ride Leader
T: 07590 985113

Tina Walker

Role: Chair
T: 07775 538830
E: tina@stevenagectc.org.uk