Posted On: Fri 21-Aug 2020
By: Penny Schenkel
Stevenage Cycling Festival - Lets get riding!

Stevenage Cycling Festival runs 22 - 30 August 2020 - there is a lot going on in that period, some virtual events, rides, routes and other activities. We'd like to think there's something there for everyone one who likes cycling.

RIDES WE ARE OFFERING: A variety of cycle rides ranging from 6 to 80 miles. All the rides will follow the current health guidelines with a maximum of six participants. This means that those who want to ride have to book in advance with the ride leader.
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This event is taking place without manned controls or the usual support. Mobile phone photos should be used, to show start and finish times and reaching an information control or turning point. Those who want to take this on should book in advance.
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We are going to try to cover the distance of cycling’s three grand tours. We will start with the 96 kilometres La Course race for women, then we get into the 3,470 kilometres to match Le Tour. The other two grand tours are the Giro D’Italia and the Vuelta (Spain). Raise funds for the Mayor’s charities. Messages to be left for each day’s distance cycled on the daily post in the CyclingUK Stevenage Facebook Group page or sent by SMS message to Jim Brown 0793 968 7509 (include name and distance in kilometres).
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There are many feature films and shorts with a cycling film. Some epic, some comedy and some documentary including “A Boy, A Girl and A Bike,” “Cyclists’ Special,” “Flying Scotsman – about world record holder Graeme Obree” and shorts including Stevenage cycleways in 1979 and about their very own “Emitremmus Desrever” challenge Ride.
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A route with various locations to find visual things in the area. We will judge the photos from the week to award winners. This can be cycled at leisure and should be suitable for a family ride - maybe even done over a few days if necessary.
Please upload all answer sheets to [email protected] by 30th August Winners will be announced via the facebook event page and via email on request.
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Posted On: Sat 08-Aug 2020
By: Tina Walker
Cycling Festival Off Road Challenge 8-30th August

Yes folks the Off Road Challenge is back!

See the link for details but you need to enter in advance to book a slot.

Off Road Page
Posted On: Wed 15-Jul 2020
By: Jim Borcherds
Guide for Riders during Covid-19 restrictions

1. ALL riders must contact the leader and book a place in advance. Booking is essential so that we can limit each ride to a maximum of 6 people (leader plus 5). Please be understanding as the limit of 6 cannot be exceeded so a ride may become fully booked - we will try to update ride information to indicate this.

2. While the number of rides is limited, please book just one at a time for now. We are keen to accommodate new riders and so experienced riders are encouraged to continue riding in informal groups as they have already been doing over recent weeks.

3. Please ensure you arrive in good time for the start of the ride.
If you find you will not be able to ride after all, please inform leader of the ride as soon as possible. This may enable another rider to take your place.

4. Use the information given to choose a ride that matches your current ability so that the ride can operate as planned. Riders should intend to do the complete ride.

5. All riders must agree to their contact details being passed to the NHS Track & Trace Team if requested. Any rider who gets a positive C-19 test within 7-days after being on the ride must inform the Cycling UK Stevenage Welfare Officer (or Cycling UK Stevenage Secretary) as soon as possible and no later than 24 hrs after getting their positive test.

6. All riders must always observe the social distancing rules and keep a 2metre spacing both on and off the bike. Remember this rule still applies whenever the group stops, e.g. puncture repairs.

7. You will need to be self-sufficient and carry your own supplies of food and drink. The planned stop may be too busy or may be closed so we need to be flexible.
Posted On: Sat 09-May 2020
By: Tina Walker
*Virtual* Rides around Stevenage and Surrounds

One of our ride leaders (Tina Walker) has been riding (and making videos) of some easy rides around Stevenage and the surrounding villages.

These are available from YouTube (Search for TinaCyclist). More routes are being added every week. The quality of the video is not brilliant since the camera is mounted on the cycle. There is a commentary alongside recorded while cycling so includes heavy breathing going uphill and wind/road noise too.

Most of the routes are taken from the
Stevenage Cycling Festival Cycle Routes Map which is available on our website on the maps page (look under Links/Maps).

Here are links to the four rides currently available:

Stevenage Cycling Festival - Red Route - This route starts between the swimming pool and King George IV paying fields, goes along Grace Way, Martins Way, down towards Cory's Mill and then along some lovely green routes to Fishers Green and Symonds Green before returning to the start.

Blue Route - This route ride through starts at the crossing point of Oaks Cross in Broadwater. It takes the old Shephall Lane towards Ridlins Mere nature reserve, along past Ridlins Stadium, through Poplars, and then along Six Hills Way towards Fairlands Valley Park, it turns south through the Showground down the hill behind the Lamex Stadium before meandering back along the old Shephall Lane back to the start on Oaks Cross.

Green Route - the first of the 2 Parks routes. This one takes you from Fairlands Valley Park to St Nicholas Park. It shows you a simple route (that does include some quiet road riding) between the two parks and a nice cycleway circuit on the return journey.

Stevenage to Knebworth village and back - This route is not on the Cycling festival map. It can be seen on the Stevenage Cycle Map though. Here the route starts at the Oaks Cross Cycleway crossing point and heads down Oaks Cross through Broadwater down to the Hertford Road and then picks up a delightful Bridleway across the fields to finishing by using a residential road and a short stretch of the main road into Knebworth. The return journey heads along the lane towards the Crematorium at Harwood Park, before picking up another bridleway to return to Hertford Road and back up (the easy way) the hill to the top of Oaks cross once more.